Extra At Home Activities

Here are some fun art activities you can explore at home!

Cassie Stephens Art Blog: This is a blog of an art teacher named Cassie Stephens. Each week she will be focusing on a new theme, and walking you through different art activities. Most of the activities just involve paper and pencil, while others get a little more complicated.This week’s theme is SUPERHEROES!



Google Arts and Culture:

Would you like to explore a museum in Paris? Or zoom in to one of Van Gogh’s paintings? Google Arts and Culture features content from over 1200 leading museums and archives. They have partnered with Google to bring some of the world’s most famous art pieces right to your home! Start exploring through the link below!



TATE Kids:

Tate Modern is a modern art museum in London, England. They have an amazing kids’ website where you can make, explore, watch videos, and even play games. I made this painting through their “tate paint” game! Have fun exploring their galleries!




Art for Kids Hub: 

This is a family Youtube channel called Art for Kids Hub! They love doing art together and provide easy step by step drawing instructions that you can follow along with! The lessons are perfect for any age, and you will only need a few supplies!